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There is a War

by Hog

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THE AWAKENING EYES Over the precipice, into the fold: Emerging Athena — the Phoenix resurgent — is molting the mold! Born of the lioness, feline and fair Born to the finest of beasts, bearing the mark of the bear. Over the precipice into the fold, Over the tongue and the teeth, uttering Latinate gold... Born from a union of justice and fact, Six fingers grasping the world with a strength and a will to react. All hail The Awakening Eye! Crown jewel of a mesa Made of dried blood, eyes, and teeth The Chernobyl roses are poised to alight and stir oceans aseethe. Their token of terrible truth Is our last savage grace And we will snatch the masks off our master, And we will destroy his face! (Prayer for the protection and success of girl children) Woe be unto those who seek to harm the child... ...may she stand behind the many as a shield, unblinking Woe be unto...YOU Over the precipice into the fold: Emerging Athena — the Phoenix resurgent — is molting the mold! All hail the Awakening Eyes!
Azrael 06:56
AZRAEL Azrael, take me home Back to stream, field and stone Thanatos, bring me peace As I was, and ever shall be! Life's day's night spares none Life's day's night spares none From his hand take the purpose From his hand take the strength From his hand take the essence, That by which we are linked Who is calling, what is lost, what of the treasure the Wall has amassed? Who is calling? Who is calling? No man knows what comes.
Naysayer 04:58
NAYSAYER Citing Sovereign sight, Pillars topple and fold, Brazen fury incites Fury, blazing and bold They fall in thousands Crushed under heel Of men in glasses With gilded seal Assimilate or die Annihilate the threat Dig your own grave, or sigh And weave your captor's net There's no defeating the gears you're ground up in There's no pleading with a guillotine There is no savior There is no grace There's nothing holy Left in this place
Yeasayer 06:44
YEASAYER The lifting of a fog, the fraying of a hem Sunspots of a revelation Is golem to the law, unraveling distractions unknowable to minds Yea say I, to those who quest Thirst itself will serve you best And as the cock crows in the dawn on the day that we fall Let it be known that we toiled to laugh, and stood tall As the sun rises and sets, on kings and fools all, Let it be known that we stood tall. Man is the substrate in which the humours bloom, Behold the Infant Joy! Hand of god, mouth of doom Yea! Yea say I! Aye! I say Aye! Rising from the depths, from a cavern, from your chest: Yea.
Sparta 02:54
SPARTA Sparta Crows caw Swing back and over The wedge to the maul Freedom Alive and alert To wander in wonder or squander inert Centuries wide and light years above And no one for days Is not long enough A temporal freeze of vastness and light Boundless and free of morning and night
THE BIGGEST HAND Crash down to straddle the shadow Cast of a mass of decay The pitch and the night and the kettle The fate of a flickering flame It's burning the bones of our fathers It's stripping the skin from our own It's sweeping up silent behind All that we've made, all that we've known It's certain: the curtain is falling The tock of the biggest hand The noise of the void is a howling The song of the biggest hand Luck be your legacy slivers of sherd A word heard with shivers through layers of eras A ghost of a whisper, a gravediggers dream And all that you were is obscured, interred in a thimble of soil and cinder A gasp in the sandstone, raw anthracene. * * * * I remember what Micah had said, "Time's a pony ride, time's an asterisk" It's only a stone on the bed; it's only a measure of distances. It's only the peal of the bell, it's only the void of the sky, It's only the still citadel with it's crumbling granite facade I remember the wall in the wood; I remember the dread it instilled... The leathern old shell of a squirrel produced by the casement on sill Though my blood be the air that we breathe Though my flesh turn to soft southern clay May it always be run through with seed May my blood be respired some day...


Forever dedicated to Greg Klaiber.

Hog's debut album, Archetypes, available from Churchkey Records:


released August 15, 2017

Engineered, recorded, and mixed by Greg Klaiber
Produced by Greg Klaiber and Richard James
Caveman Studios, Durham, NC
November 2012

Mastered by Nick Petersen
Track and Field Recording, Durham, NC

Hog is:
Richard James — guitar, vocals
Ryland Fishel — bass, vocals
Noah Kessler — drums
Alec Ferrell — guitar

Lyrics by Richard James
Music by Hog

℗ 2017 Clearly Records


all rights reserved



Hog Durham, North Carolina

Hog is:
R. James — guitar, vocals
R. Fishel — bass, vocals
N. Kessler — drums
A. Ferrell — guitar

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